IELTS 9.0 VIETNAM has proven to be the perfect place to score maximum points in the IELTS. It is a branch of the prestigious IELTS NINER Philippines that has won over 40 awards from the British council and IDP as the best review centre.  Let us both see why IELTS 9.0 Vietnam is the best place to score high in the IELTS

  1. Firstly, it is from the tested and proven method of studies from the Philippines. Being on top for eight consecutive years is not by chance but by efficient teaching method. We have a superior method of teaching that yields results.
  2. Our time table is flexible allowing you to study when you can and are in the right state. Studies should not be undertaken under duress. Unlike other institutions that have a set schedule our time table revolves allowing you to catch up on missed lectures.
  3. Just as explained in point two, we have unlimited lectures. This means you pay once and study as much as you want. This allows you to get as much knowledge as you can. We want you to study as much as you can. Isn’t that exciting?
  4. At IELTS 9.0 Vietnam, we combine all three methods of study (theoretical, practical and self-study) to give you complete understanding and use of English. That is why unlike most Vietnamese who cannot speak English after studying for many years, our students begin to speak well after three to six months.
  5. Our teachers are professionals with a degree in education. This means they have been trained to teach. They also have experience in IELTS and must have scored a minimum of 8.0 overall in the IELTS test with 9.0 in at least one of the skills. We aim to make you get the best scores, so we hire the best.
  6. We offer free weekly mock tests to familiarize the students with the actual test. Secondly, we monitor the weekly performance of the students to see whether the student is improving or not and also know where to concentrate most.
  7. We control our students performance daily using the tracking card. This lets us know if the student has understood the lecture or not. We also have weekly reports sent to guardian and students. Here, the teacher comments on the weekly observation and gives recommendations on how the student can improve.

A lot can be said about IELTS 9.0 Vietnam. However, to make it easier and enjoyable for you, we invite you for a free mock test on Sunday. We also invite you for a free day of experience at our main centre;

37 Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.
Call to book a free Mock Test: 098 1978 999/ 098 3867 757

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