IELTS 9.0 Vietnam is the best place to effectively improve listening ability. The institution guarantees improvement in listening within a couple of months for the following reasons:

  1. Qualified Teachers. IELTS 9.0 hires the best teachers so as to deliver standard teaching. Our teachers are holders of a BA in English language or pedagogy and have a minimum of 8.0 overall score in the IELTS. Learning at IELTS 9.0 offers the best  learning experience from qualified teachers.
  2. Teaching method is more practical. At IELTS 9.0, the teaching method for listening is more practical than theoretical for example using the Listening and Dictation teaching method. This means the student is practically trained to listen with all enabling conditions put at the student’s disposal. This method effectively improves students listening.
  3. The centre is an English-only-environment. At IELTS 9.0 Vietnam, the official language is English. This provides an atmosphere where only English is spoken thereby improving the learners listening ability as daily communication occurs at the centre.
  4. Weekly mock test. This is a weekly simulation of the actual IELTS test freely offered by IELTS 9.0. As a result, the students listening ability is constantly tested and monitored to implement improvement strategies. Using this method, students listening ability improves at a fast rate.
  5. Flexible teaching schedule. The teaching schedule at IELTS 9.0 is designed to accommodate all types of people from students through workers to stay-at-home individuals. As a result learning is done at the student’s convenience which enhances the learning ability.

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