Many people who want to take the IELTS test are always confused . They wonder if it is as any other conventional educational test. IELTS as any other exam has its format and scope. However, as any educational exam, it is divided into sections. The test you will take depends on your need for English. It is divided into;

  • IELTS Academic for those who want to enroll into universities and higher institutions in English speaking countries. If you want to move to countries like Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand for studies then you will need a certificate in IELTS academic. It measures your competence with respect to academic matters and gives a report which states how much you can adapt in the new educational system language wise.

  • IELTS General is for those who want to go to English speaking countries for work or residence. If you want to work or live in a place like Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, you need to take IELTS general. The test evaluates your English ability on everyday practical issues like workplace and community interaction. The report gives a rating on how you can adapt at workplace or the community in the given country.

Each of these sections has their skills (subjects) of evaluation. For more information on these skills (subjects) click here

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