After students have made up their mind to study English, their parents are faced with the difficult choice  offering English language makes the choice more difficult. This article looks at the characteristics of institutions suitable for effective English studies.

Schools that effectively improve students’ ability have a more practical approach in delivering lessons. Using a language is more practical than theoretical therefore look for schools that have more practical implementation. It is therefore important for parents and students to have a briefing on this with the school representative before actually enrolling to avoid disappointment. Furthermore, such schools must encourage the use of English language on campus as the working language. There should not be allowance for the use of native language for academic or communication purposes with or between students on campus. This causes the students to communicate in English thereby improving the skill.of choosing the right institution to ensure effective learning. The myriad of institutions

Another important aspect is the quality of teachers at the institution. To effectively teach and train, the personnel must be qualified in the specified field. It is not enough just to have a degree. To effectively teach, you must be trained as a teacher so a teaching qualification is indispensable. Parents and students should enquire to know the qualifications of the teachers at an institution. In addition, some schools have additional programs that enhance speaking like interactive events and courses. This offers personal experience in using the language for example summer camps, foreign educational trade fares.

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