Scoring high in the IELTS test has been a nightmare for many ESL students. However, the story would be much easy  and different if you follow these  simple steps. 

  1. Avoid distractions. When you decide to study for IELTS, do all to concentrate. Do not include other foreign languages at the same time. This would lead to slow learning and sometimes confusion may set in.

  2. Learn from qualified teachers. Speaking a language does not necessarily endow one with the ability to teach others. Teachers are specifically trained for this purpose so make use of qualified teachers, not available ones.

  3. Do not be scared of making mistakes. Actively and freely engage in lessons and conversations. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. It is by correcting your mistakes that you learn and retain the right information

  4. Practice daily. Make it a habit to practice English daily even if you don’t have a class. Set a target of 1 lesson per day and ensure it is done.

  5. Decide to speak English only. Enroll in an English only institution. Speaking English only pushes you to communicate to be understood. The temptation of speaking in your native tongue when faced with a difficulty is eliminated.

  6. Procrastination is a wall to improvement. Do not push forward plans of studying. Once the decision is made and considered relevant, engage immediately. Procrastination is recipe for not achieving goals therefore enroll at an English language institution and get on with it immediately.

After reading this, i am confident most of our doubts have been cleared. However, another important  question is where to study for high scores in the IELTS. If you want to know where to study and score high in the IELTS, click here.



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