IELTS which stands for the International English Language Testing System is the most popular and widely recognized test for English proficiency. It is used for admission into universities and migration worldwide. IELTS is recognized in more than 140 countries worldwide. For this reason, thousands of organisations worldwide use IELTS as a requirement to become part of them. These institutions range from government departments to educational institutions as well as the private sector, so with an IELTS certificate, you are certainly recognized

Ironically, most people who don’t have a clue of IELTS are those with the greatest desire to go to English speaking countries. Ask them about IELTS and they will stare at you confused. IELTS as earlier said, is a key requirement for emigration to English speaking countries.The world, now a global village, with English  the common language of communication,has made IELTS a global certificate. This leads us to the question, “What is IELTS made of?”. To get detailed information about IELTS, click here.

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