Studying is a very delicate matter given proper study involves proper teaching and administration on the one hand as well as dedicated learning on the other hand. Here, I will discuss the criteria to look at when considering to study for the IELTS test. These include;

  1. Enroll only at IELTS review centres. These centres are specifically designed to prepare students for the IELTS test. The IELTS test is more advanced than general English learning so enrolling at a general English language centre won’t get you the high scores you want, that’s if you pass at all.

  2. Enroll at a reputable, accredited review centre with a record of ongoing high scores in the IELTS. Consider schools that have been recognized and given awards for excellence. This is where you should enroll for high scores.

  3. LOok for centres that have a flexible time table. As a student or worker, you don’t want to compromise your studies or job while on the other hand you will be frustrated if you pay tuition for IELTS review yet miss classes that cannot be repeated. Therefore consider only schools that have a flexible time table that allows you to study when you are available without missing any lectures.

  4. Study at IELTS centres with qualified teachers. Qualified teachers are those with at least a diploma in education. They should also have experience in taking the IELTS with a minimum of 8.0 overall band score.

  5. The best IELTS review centres always have frequent tests and evaluation to monitor their students’ improvement and performance. Make enquiries with regards to this before enrolling at a centre.
  6. Take a day to observe the teaching and student management methods of a review centre to make sure the points listed above are executed.
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