It is not a surprise that students now going for the summer holidays would be engaged in a variety of different summer activities. It is a time to rest from tedious nine months of conventional academic study and every student in Vietnam is planning on how to make the summer holiday memorable. However, they are stuck with the condition of having their parents to decide or at best co-decide with them. This may be pictured as an easy or exciting task for parents to once more exercise their parental duty but the case is far from so.


Firstly, parents at this time are concerned about the safety of their children while they go about their daily business. It is time to make the decision either to     teenage-sit or to get them involved in some kind of summer activity. Also, they are concerned about the negative habits kids might develop over this holiday if they are unoccupied. As it stands, every parent wants their children occupied but the question narrows down to “What shall my kids do this summer holiday?”.


On the other hand, the students are all excited and are currently telling each other their plans for summer regardless of the fact that their parents have a final say. Holidays have been planned, countless movie tickets reserved, visits to beloved  family members envisaged and the list is endless but all these wishes have to be tabled before their  parents. Decision time is the most strenuous for both parties and  is just around the corner. In fact just a couple of weeks.

From where I stand, I believe parents have the right to keep their children safe from physical and moral danger just as the students deserve a holiday full of fun and unconventional education, so yes to safety, yes to fun and a louder yes to unconventional education.


To solve this problem, IELTS 9.0 Vietnam has tailored a fitting program for summer 2019 that would appeal to both parents and students. Our summer camp is packed with soft skills or life skills such as managing money, team work and much more. These are skills that cannot be over emphasized given the dysfunction of young graduates, newly recruited into the workspace. They find it difficult adapting in the world out there that is somehow different from the educational system they are used to. This is where IELTS 9.0 life skills program equips the student to be a very successful employee, business giant or even be able to adapt when they find themselves in foreign countries. The wish of most Vietnamese parents is for their children to study abroad and acquire valued certificates. To travel to these western countries for further education often requires English language proficiency. It would be so disappointing and careless for a student to be denied a visa based on their English language proficiency. To address this issue, IELTS 9.0 has a summer program structured to give students the best English language lessons that meets the needs of IELTS requirement and also introduces them to western culture and everyday activity. This would prepare them for the actual test and life abroad when the time comes.


 IELTS 9.0 has won 40 IDP and British Council awards as the No.1 IELTS review Centre in the Philippines since 2007 and the branch in Vietnam started in March 2018, with 100% teachers from headquarters in the Philippines who are committed to excellence to uphold their status. In addition to all these, there would be visits to places like the airport to experience first-hand, what travelling and its accompanying activities are. These activities would just spice up and increase the fun of summer camp at IELTS 9.0.

I therefore put my finger on it to say IELTS 9.0 summer camp taking place from 1 June to 31 August, 2019  at Ta Quang Buu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, is the best place for students to spend the summer of 2019 where they will stay safe ,acquire soft skills and have much fun at a very reasonable cost saving parents money and heart ache.



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