When was the last time you were engaged in a conversation in English. As we enter  media space, offices, business districts, we are confronted by information in English the worlds universally accepted language for purposes of business and communication. Also, as we hop on the plane, go to an embassy or browse the internet, we get into English space.  To achieve our aim, we have to be able to effectively listen for accurate response.

The following points would help in effective listening

  1. Listening is a skill which has to be developed overtime: There is no overnight mastery of English. People think they would wake up one morning with the ability to speak English. This is not true. Every language must be learnt before mastered.
  2. Interaction with Fluent English speakers: Learning a new language is challenging but persistence makes it much easier. By interaction and communication with fluent English speakers at school, work or the community, listening is greatly improved.
  3. Listening to audiovisuals in English: One of the most effective ways of learning a language is by listening to communication between fluent speakers. By listening to audio-visuals in English, the art of listening and understanding would be greatly improved.
  4. Qualified training: The best way of learning how to listen effectively is by acquiring them through qualified trainers. This offers the opportunity of standard and globally accepted skills. As a result learners are able to communicate effectively in any situation.

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