Could you believe it. Free IELTS test? Completely free of charge? This could be yours if you so wish. Many students face the actual test for the first time without any experience of how the tests. As the test papers are handed to them, anxiety becomes tension which leads to in ability to concentrate. As a result many students fail the test not because they are poor at English. The main reason is unfamiliarity with the IELTS test. However, there is good news.

At IELTS 9.0 Vietnam, we offer free weekly IELTS mock tests in all four skills on Sunday mornings to our students. Yes. I mean free of charge. Unbelievable isn’t it. At IELTS 9.0, we go the extra mile just to ensure our students get high scores in the IELTS test. By administering weekly mock tests, our students become familiar with the nature and scope of the test eliminating uncertainty and fear on the actual test day. Are you feeling left out? Don’t be, because we offer 1 free mock test to prospective students so hurry up and book your place for your chance to take the test.

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